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Introducing 5eBoard™--A Revolutionary, Solderless Circuit Assembling Platform

Frustrated with breadboard? 5eBoard™ gives you a better solution for building electronic circuits. Based on a proprietary platform, 5eBoard™ is a completely new type of solderless board for quick assembly for testing any type of electronic circuitry, either digital or analog, using commercially available electronic components.

  • A faster way to assemble any type of circuit;
  • Easy to use, even for unskilled users;
  • All components are reusable and all building blocks are interchangeable;
  • Damaged parts can be easily replaced, instead of replacing the entire board;
  • Accepts most electronic components, including integrated circuits;
  • Variable sizes: attached board-to-board for desired circuit size.
  • Choose the color of each part for easy connection configurations.


We have listed various projects for different grade levels and expertise below. As you’re looking for new projects for your 5eBoard, remember that 5eBoard can always be used in place of breadboard—and it’s easier to use.

A great resource for those just starting out, this site’s step-by-step instructions show you how to make a basic circuit and a simple LED circuit.

Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can use for 5eBoard, too

How to Make Electronic Circuits without Soldering

Using 5eBoard is a great tool for students just starting to build electronic circuits because the device facilitates easy interlinking of the various electronic parts into circuits using ordinary jumper wires. Click Here to learn more and to read about helpful handling and safety tips.

Electronics Projects for School

These projects are great for classroom activities or as science fair projects and provide students with hands on experience to enhance their circuit education.

Middle School Projects for the Classroom

1. Emergency Light Circuit – Learn how to create a simple LED emergency light circuit that you can implement for home lighting during power failures.

2.The Musical Doorbell - This is a very simple battery powered melody generator circuit.

3. Simple LED Blinking Light Circuit – This is a simple 555 time circuit project.

High School Projects

1. Remote Control Lamp – Learn how to build a circuit to control a light using a remote controller.

2. Street Light Circuit – Learn how to make an electronic circuit for street light automation.

3. High Voltage Cut Off – Electronic project for over voltage protection.

4. Home Security Alarm System – Use this simple circuit to improve your security system.

5. Water Overflow Indicator– This circuit generates a beep sound when the water tank is completely filled with water.

6. Low Water Level Alarm – This is a simple low water level indicator sensor.

7. Low and High Water Level Detector – This will detect that the water level within a water tank or any other water reservoir, is reaching its limit or is running low.

8. The Atari Punk Circuit – Recreate the classic “high tech” tones heard on the Atari.

Undergraduate Project Resource Site

Click Here

This website provides advanced projects for students that are interested in further developing their knowledge of electronics and circuits. Connect with engineering experts, discover helpful tools and get the latest in industry news.